Brian's life

Created by Martin 6 years ago
Brian was the youngest son of Robert and Liz. A year and a half younger than Martin, he was born at Irvine Central on the 25th January 1981 and his birthday is celebrated all over the world “As he shares it with some guy called Rabbie Burns”. As a small child he was a typical wee boy, always up to mischief and allsorts, he was a bit heavy handed and hashie bashie, he would get toys on Christmas day and they would be broken by boxing day “Hence the nickname Brexy”. Brian went to John Galt primary school and also St’Andrews Sunday school where he joined the Anchor Boys and the Junior Boy’s Brigade, where he played football for them and also Girdle Toll, Galston and Irvine Thistle Boys Clubs. “He had not a bad left peg on him”. Football remained part of him for the rest of his life, not playing but going along to Ibrox to watch the Rangers and making sure that he had the up to date strip on him. He also followed the Mighty Medda across the country in their Scottish cup games. He then went to Irvine Royal Academy, which was clear by this time that he was not going to be a scholar and like many of his pals at the time could not wait to leave. Having left school he started as an apprentice painter with Joe Roy and finished his time served with D&M Decorators, he then moved on to work with Scottish Decorators and worked on some of the most famous cruise ships in the world namely Artemis, Queen Mary the 2nd and Queen Elizabeth the 2nd to name but a few, also at this time seeing a bit of the world having worked in Holland, Germany, Portugal, the USA and the Bahamas. His last job before his illness was a seasonal job with the council cleansing department, which I don’t think he was to keen on as his dad was the supervisor. In April 2003 his daughter Kerri was born and he looked forward to seeing and spending time with her every Sunday and making sure she always got her pocket money. Brian had many hobbies but most of all he liked to go fishing, whether it was a day trip with the council boys or a weekend camping with his mates. He also liked hunting for rabbits with his ferrets and making a good stew after catching them and walking his dog “Aptly named Poacher”. But his biggest passion was for marching bands. As a young boy he dreamt of being a drummer and joined the Irvine Newtown Flute Band but was told that they had enough drummers but he could play the cymbals while learning to play the flute which he duly did. After a few years he then moved to Ardrossan Winton Flute Band and fulfilled his ambition of playing the side drum for a short time then moving back to the flute. In recent years being a member of Dalry Young Citizens Flute Band, he loved his time playing with these bands all across Scotland and Northern Ireland. Brian joined the Irvine Walker Club Apprentice Boys of Derry in 2000 and when not playing with the band, he would be first to volunteer to carry a flag. He was also a member of the Independent Orange Lodge and made many friends from these organisations and was very proud of his British Heritage and Culture. But all who knew Brian knew he was up for a laugh, always playing pranks trying to cheer people up and making them happy, so no sad faces today and when you think of him have a smile on your face.